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Quick Move are National Homebuyers operating within the UK quick house sale market and have been helping homeowners with their housing issues. There are a number of reasons why a property owner may need the assistance from Quick Move the National Homebuyers, some examples are briefly mentioned below:


Quick Move have highlighted just a few examples on how National Homebuyers can be of assistance to vendors who have a fast house sale or sell house fast requirement. There are many reasons why National Homebuyers can be influential for motivated vendors, what is important is to choose regulated National Homebuyers!

Quick Move suggests that property owners should undertake thorough due diligence on all National Homebuyers they are wanting to instruct. Established National Homebuyers with credentials are often difficult to find but these are the companies which are demanded the most as they are the most successful due to been regulated by a governing property body.

The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) have been trying to regulate the Quick House Sale market for the last year which Quick Move thinks would be a positive step for all National Homebuyers. Quick Move became the first National Homebuyers to be regulated in the UK with a view to changing the sector for the better. We feel we have made the right move as it brings transparency to the property buying process and due to regulation Quick Move the national homebuyers have to follow a strict code of conduct and ethics at all times.

As established National Homebuyers , Quick Move have received a warm response had from the quick house sale market which really does show that the marketplace has taken our move to get regulated with the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors) extremely well. As National Homebuyers, Quick Move hope to be able to work with the OFT with a view to changing the Quick House Sale sector for the better and for all National Homebuyers to become regulated in due course. National Homebuyers should all be regulated to give vendors the confidence in the quick house sale market.


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Quick Move are national homebuyers and they have made a quick check list below which should assist vendors instruct the right National Homebuyers for their quick house sale requirement:

1)      Vendors should always check the credentials of National Homebuyers. Are the National Homebuyers or any of their team regulated by a governing body similar to the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors), Property Ombudsman, ARLA, NAEA etc. If National Homebuyers are not regulated by a governing body homeowners should avoid them as they aren’t regulated and National Homebuyers don’t always have the skillsets to work with a quick house sale.

2)      Vendors need to make sure they check the proof of funds from National Homebuyers they are looking to instruct for their quick house sale. This is typical practice for a normal property transaction and proof of funds should be asked for immediately, without proof of funds the National Homebuyers have no proof they can complete on your property.

3)      Quick Move also suggests that vendors should try to investigate the directors within these National Homebuyers companies. You can obtain this information through Companies House on most occasions. Once you understand who the director/s are vendors can then go to Linkedin and other property portals to establish track record of employment. If vendors want to instruct National Homebuyers, they need to establish what type of national homebuyers are involved with their quick house sale. Quick Move suggests property owners should use regulated National Homebuyers at all times. There are limited regulated national homebuyers in the quick house sale market but they are worth their weight in gold!

4)      National Homebuyers should at all times pay for a valuation before a deal is agreed and solicitors instructed. Quick Move have seen so many property owners agreeing deals with National Homebuyers companies without even a valuation having been undertake or paid for. Most National Homebuyers who aren’t regulated avoid paying for a valuation as it’s not them who actually ends up buying your property as they try to broker your property to an investor. If National Homebuyers who aren’t regulated don’t find an investor then your deal could quite easily break down. If National Homebuyers are serious about purchasing a property they should ALWAYS pay for a valuation prior to agreeing any transaction. Quick Move are regulated national homebuyers and they always follow this policy and that’s why we are a regulated National Homebuyers in the UK, regulated by the RICS (Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors).


National Homebuyers Companies


There are a number of National Homebuyers companies across England & Wales and vendors need to be wary when contemplating instructing unregulated National Homebuyers.

There are a vast number of National Homebuyers companies in the UK trying to purchase your house but only REGULATED National Homebuyers can be trusted. Your house is the biggest investment most people possess (in most people’s case) and with a little bit of research on choosing the right national homebuyers could mean a better price and a quick house sale.

Quick Move have provided a check list below to help vendors choose the right national homebuyers for their fast house sale requirement:


1)    Is the National Homebuyers a registered and ltd company, if so does it provide the registration number on their marketing literature / website?


Legitimate and regulated National Homebuyers have requirements to display certain documentation regarding their company registration at all times. Quick Move recommends vendors should search the National Homebuyers registration number to establish if they are who they say they are and are located at company address on their website / marketing literature.


2)    What contact details does the National Homebuyers company provide to their clients?


Credible National Homebuyers should at all times provide their company registration number, address, employee’s etc, for those National Homebuyers who don’t provide any information, vendors need to make sure they avoid these types of National Homebuyers.


If vendors were to instruct a National Homebuyers company and they were to disappear, it could be extremely difficult to track them down if this was ever needed.


3)    Does the National Homebuyers company claim to be regulated by a governing body? Does the national homebuyers work to a specific code of practice?


If a company claims to be regulated then this should be stated on the website together with the branding of the associated governing body (i.e RICS, Property Ombudsman etc). Quick Move recommends you should contact the regulatory governing body to establish if the National Homebuyers is in fact a member of the governing body (they should usually have a membership number).


A National Homebuyers if regulated by a governing body has to abide to a code of conduct, ethics and practice. Quick Move also recommends that you should ask the National Homebuyers for a copy of their code of practice from the governing body. If they have a code of practice they have to work to this otherwise they risk been struck off by their regulatory body.


4)    Is the National Homebuyers company trying to trick you with complicated English in their purchase contract?


Once an offer has been agreed between the vendor and national homebuyers there will be a formal contract. If the National Homebuyers are trying to tie you in using complicated legal language / jargon vendors have to question this? Why would the National Homebuyers be offering terms in the contract which no one can really understand? If vendors don’t understand the terms they need to seek legal advice or just avoid that particular National Homebuyers Company. If the National Homebuyers company is not regulated vendors should never use them, regulated National Homebuyers have clear concise contracts so that all interested parties understand fully the terms they are signing up for.


5)    Does the National Homebuyers Company charge for an initial consultation and appraisal?


If a National Homebuyers company states that they intend to charge for a consultation to discuss your property then again vendors should stay clear of these National Homebuyers. The same applies if a valuation is required for your property the National Homebuyers should never ask the vendor to pay for it. Not exactly a good start for a property purchase!


These tricks are typical of unregulated National Homebuyers which is why Quick Move will always recommend to vendors that they only use regulated National Homebuyers. Unfortunately it’s the unregulated National Homebuyers which give the quick house sale market a tarnished name at times.


6)    Does the National Homebuyers Company have testimonials on their website from satisfied customers?


A Regulated / legitimate National Homebuyers company will always have testimonials from their happy clients where they have provided a good service at all times. Unfortunately too many unregulated National Homebuyers aren’t interested in testimonials because they know fully well they won’t undertake a good service and put their clients first.


A homeowner should check the National Homebuyers website and analyse their reviews, if a National Homebuyers company doesn’t have any, again property owners shouldn’t use the National Homebuyers for their quick house sale.


7)    Are independent surveyors used when National Homebuyers need a property valuation?


If a National Homebuyers company is keen to acquire a property a valuation should always be instructed. If a National Homebuyers company tries to get you to pay for the valuation vendors should avoid that national homebuyers like the plague!


Once a valuation is instructed this should be undertaken by an independent valuer and not someone from the National Homebuyers company. A surveyor should be instructed and they need to be registered with the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (surveyors have sufficient experience for this). The homeowner should check this and see which company the valuer is from when a valuation has been instructed.


8)    Does the National Homebuyers company have a complaints handling procedure?


Most national homebuyers companies in the UK receive complaints at some time even the best companies, however there needs to be a complaints handing procedure which is designed to handle customers fairly and take these complaints into consideration when one arises. Any National Homebuyers companies which states they have never received any complaints and / or there is no complaints handling procedure in place vendors should avoid using this type of national homebuyers.


Quick Move is a UK registered national homebuyers regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Quick Move have an excellent reputation for purchasing residential properties in England & Wales fast and take great pride in working to a code of conduct, ethics and regulation at all times. Quick Move recommends to any property owner looking for a quick house sale to undertake thorough due diligence on potential National Homebuyers they want to instruct.


National Homebuyers in the UK


National Homebuyers is defined as a large company that buys houses or property across the nation.

A house buyers is another term in the quick house sale sector commonly used for National Homebuyers or Quick house buyer. In essence the meaning is exactly the same.

National Homebuyers should follow all of the above principles highlighted by Quick Move prior to instructing a National Homebuyers company.

The National Homebuyers sector has put under review back in 2013 by the OFT due to the majority of National Homebuyers not been regulated. The OFT wants National Homebuyers to be regulated so that property owners have greater transparency in the house sale. Quick Move have listened to the OFT’s guidelines and are proud as property buyers to become a regulated National Homebuyers in the quick house sale sector. Property owners can have peace of mind that Quick Move are National Homebuyers which is regulated by the largest property body globally with in excess of 155,000 members in approximately 150 countries.

Quick Move is a regulated National Homebuyers in England & Wales and their team have expertise in valuation, investment, management and building specialisms. Our National Homebuyers team have in excess of 45 years in the quick house sale industry which makes Quick Move premium National Homebuyers in the marketplace. If property owners need to discuss their property with established National Homebuyers give Quick Move a call today to get your free appraisal and consultation.

Our National Homebuyers team are here to help with any housing issues, if vendors are in need of a quick house sale, contact the experts, Quick Move on 0844 3650066!


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