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Quick Move are here to assist in the Sell House Fast process. Call us for a free quote from our surveying team.


If a sell house fast process is needed you should trust Quick Move a registered RICS home buyer(Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). We have 45 years combined experience in the property, finance and banking markets and we can assist you with your sell house fast requirement


SELL HOUSE FAST – Quick Move wants to buy your house, a cash sale today!


Sell House Fast! We have substantial cash funds to purchase properties in England & Wales. The sell house fast process will take Quick Move just 3 weeks realistically to complete. Some other firms say they can complete a sell house fast process in a matter of days, we prefer to be realistic with vendors, there are occasions we can orchestrate a sell house fast process within 3 weeks but we prefer to be transparent from the start with our clients.

Quick Move's sell house fast process does not charge any fee's to vendors. We pay for all the valuations, surveys and your legal fee's so there are no costs throughout the entire sale process, just a quick house sale for your sell house fast requirement. If any property buying company were to charge you any fee's at all to initiate your sell house fast requirement you should walk away at all times.

I Need To Sell House Fast!!


In order to achieve Sell House Fast, the first process is to give Quick Move a call, it’s free of charge. Our friendly surveying team (chartered surveyors specialising in valuation, building and investment expertise) will then discuss your Sell House Fast property in detail to assess the current valuation in today’s market. As part of the sell house fast process our surveying team will then provide you with a cash offer. Quick Move provide vendors with the most competitive offers for their sell house fast properties in the UK and we are regulated by the RICS in the Quick House Sale market so you would be silly not to call us to achieve a sell house fast sale.

If you need to achieve sell house fast, Quick Move can offer up to 85% of the market value (dependant on location), please check our website for further information - Quick Move were established to help push regulation into the Quick House Sale sector and currently we are a property buyer who has made this step to regulate our business practices with a governing body, this is why so many vendors choose us to achieve their sell house fast dream. Subsequently if a sell house fast process is required, you can trust a regulated property buyer In the UK with a team of chartered surveyors, not salesman.


Quick Move can cover Sell House Fast sales in England & Wales, unfortunately we don’t cover sell house fast sales in Scotland & Ireland. We are sorry therefore if you are looking to sell house fast in these countries in the UK as we can’t help you but we can help recommend a trusted property buyer for you if required.

How To Achieve Sell House Fast - Quick Move Marketing


Quick Move undertake substantial marketing online and in the national newspapers to assist vendors wanting a sell house fast process. We also undertake monthly leaflet campaigns to try and assist vendors who need a sell house fast process. If you look carefully in the papers / marketing literature im sure you will find Quick Move somewhere, just give us a call for your free cash offer for your sell house fast home TODAY!

There will be other property buyers also marketing nationally in the papers to advertise their sell house fast skillsets, our recommendation to you would be to choose a property buyer who is regulated, a property buyer who needs to follow and adhere to a strict code of conduct, ethics and most important regulation.

You may well think when you see Quick Move’s literature, “Sell House fast, can this be done?”. At Quick Move a sell house fast process can be done, just give us a call to discuss further (0844 3650066), our surveyors are always on hand to take your call and discuss every aspect in a “sell house fast” sale. You can have peace of mind you are talking to chartered surveyors, not salesman. Subsequently if you find yourself in a position where you need a sell house fast process, then call us, we are here to help after all!!


Which Property Buyer to achieve Sell House Fast? – Make Sure they are Regulated by a Governing Body!!


The next important element in a sell house fast process is to work with the right company (this is vitally important!). We highlighted this just a couple of paragraphs ago and highlighted you should choose a company which is regulated in the market place. The OFT (Office of Fair Trading) are currently looking into regulating the Quick House Sale / Sell House Fast sector and Quick Move have done their bit to assist the OFT and become a property buyer regulated by the RICS.


There are many property buyers out there who claim they can assist in your sell house fast sale but you must choose your property buyer well to achieve a quick house sale. There are a lot of Sell House Fast companies out there, many of them are a waste of time, they don’t have funds and they aren’t regulated so they can make their own rules up as they go along. As with any sale, if you want to achieve sell house fast you need to sell at below market value. Make the right decision in choosing a reliable and reputable property buyer. If the property buyer isn’t regulated, don’t use them… you will only regret your decision later on as sell house fast won’t be achieved.


A Sell House Fast Sale

This seems to be the million dollar question, “Sell House fast, how can I achieve it?” Quick Move are in place, with all the necessary skill sets to assist you with a sell house fast sale. We have the funds in place, the surveyors to carry out the surveys and valuations, all you need to do is sit back and wait for us to buy your property. We feel confident as we are a regulated property buyer, a property buyer also ran by just chartered surveyors (not salesmen), we are the key property buyer in the UK to achieve sell house fast for you.

One fundamental key of sell house fast is to price your property correctly. The infamous credit crunch in 2008 reduced prices substantially with only really London property prices recovering back to 2008 levels recently. If vendors are motivated and need to sell house fast the key is to price the property at the right price for a property buyer. The lower the price the more interest it will get and in turn you will achieve sell house fast!

There are other options which might not necessarily achieve a sell house fast. One option is to sell privately but it takes estate agents on average 7 – 8 months to sell your property (and on average £3,500 - £5,000 in sales fees!!) in comparison to Quick Move who can complete a sell house fast sale within 3 weeks (with no fee’s!). The benefits of using Quick Move against a private sale is that there are no chains (or more importantly chain breakers!), no fee’s so it’s just a straight forward cash offer for your sell house fast property.

The other option for sell house fast is to try and sell your house via an auction. This can typically take 3 months for a sale (kind of takes the principle away from a sell house fast sale!) with sales fee’s on average around £4,000. Unless your property has severe defects we would advise against the auction route. All you have to do is check/ research the auction catalogues / websites to establish that auctions are selling properties typically 30 – 40% below the market value. The key to sell house fast is to sell to a reputable property buyer. Please see the differences between using a property buyer, auctions or a private sale in achieving a sell house fast, just follow this link:


SELL HOUSE FAST TODAY – Give Quick Move a call...


If your serious about selling your house fast, you should give us a call today on 0844 3650066. We will take the time to go through your sell house fast property in detail, highlight some recent comparable sales within 200 yards of your property and give you an indication on where our cash offer would be. It’s free to call us, so why don’t you get your free quote today?! You could achieve a sell house fast sale very quickly through Quick Move!

Quick Move can help you with sell house fast, if you would rather fill out our free valuation form on our website instead of calling please feel free to do so. One of our members from our sell house fast team will be in contact with you within 24 hours.

To summarise Quick Move’s Sell House Fast Process:


  1. No sellers fee’s
  2. Cash offer, purchase will take place within 3 weeks
  3. A Regulated property buyer in the UK. Regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors (RICS)
  4. The vendor dictates the timescales in terms of completion / moving out.


There are also 3 simple steps which Quick Move undertake to orchestrate Sell House Fast as set out in our homepage:


Step 1 – Free Quote from Quick Move’s Surveying Team

The vendor receives a free quote / valuation from a team of qualified chartered surveyors with over 45 years combined experience in property sector.

If sell house fast is required, Quick Move will call you back if you have requested an offer for your property or alternatively as mentioned above you can fill in our valuation form on the homepage or call us directly on 0844 3650066.

Step 2 – Free Valuation from an Independent RICS Qualified Surveyor

Once Quick Move have made an initial offer for your sell house fast property and you still want to proceed the next step is to instruct an independent valuer. Here at Quick Move we have the skillsets to value properties, however as we are regulated by the RICS we have to use an independent valuer so that we abide to the code of conduct, ethics and bye laws of the RICS.

Our team at Quick Move will orchestrate setting the valuation up for your sell house fast sale so that the valuation takes place on a date to suit the vendor.


Step 3 – Completion of Your Sale

Here at Quick Move we are extremely flexible when working with you to achieve a sell house fast sale. Subsequently we are dictated by the vendor as to when they want to complete / move out of their home. Quick Move can also help with arranging removal companies and also finding you a new home if required!

Quick Move can work as quickly or as slowly as the vendor chooses, if you need sell house fast and you need a property buyer to understand your timescales you need to speak to Quick Move!

Sell House fast can be a scary proposition for any homeowner as timescales to complete can be very quick. It’s scary as most homeowners only move property around 3 times if their lifetime! Also as we have discussed not all property buyers have the necessary skillsets or type of regulation for sell house fast and when you undertake research to establish that nearly 1 in 3 estate agency sales fall through due to mortgages been pulled or vendors having changed their mind.

To achieve Sell House Fast you need to look at these simple procedures:

  1. Find a regulated property buyer (undertake a search on Google, Yahoo, Bing etc)
  2. Arrange for a solicitor who has experience in sell house fast sales. Usually your property buyer will be able to recommend solicitors and often they will pay for these services on your behalf.
  3. Arrange for a mutual beneficial date to move out.


It’s that simple!

Quick Move recommends for solicitors for vendors to use for their sell house fast sale. Quick Move’s recommended panel of solicitors have years of experience in quick house sales so vendors can have peace of mind that their sell house fast sale is been dealt with by the professionals.

Quick Move provides a fantastic alternative to the traditional way of selling your property via estate agents (where sales don’t often take place!), if you need to achieve sell house fast you should call Quick Move today!

How to Avoid the Sell House Fast Scams

There are a large number of property buyers in the market place who aren’t regulated and they give the sell house fast industry a bad name by orchestrating buy my house scams. These rogue property buyers need to be stopped and vendors need to check their property buyer to make sure they are regulated by a governing body. Vendors need to make sure their property buyer is reliable and trustworthy and are able to achieve a sell house fast sale.


As we have mentioned before regarding sell house fast, vendors can hand their properties over to estate agents for up to 12 months at times and still not achieve a quick house sale. At Quick Move our surveying team can and will buy your property in 3 weeks or a timescale to suit you.

Unfortunately not every property buyer, estate agent or auctioneer has the capabilities to sell house fast, however Quick Move is able to draw upon 45 years combined experience in the property markets and are the leading property buyer in the UK.

The Questions to ask your Sell House Fast Company


Quick Move have listed a number of questions to ask your sell house fast property buyer, this list is not exhaustive but it gives vendors a good start in choosing their sell house fast company:


  1. Are there fee’s involved with the transaction?
  2. Do you have a complaints procedure?
  3. Do you carry professional indemnity insurance?
  4. Is it a cash purchase or do you require a mortgage?
  5. Do you buy the sell house fast property yourself or are you buying on behalf of others?
  6. Is the sell house fast company prompt / polite / knowledgeable when you speak to them?
  7. Is the sell house fast company regulated by a governing property body?
  8. What previous experiences have the employees have prior to joining the sell house fast company, have they had sufficient property experience?

The Sell House Fast Process

From the moment a member of Quick Move speaks to you, one of our surveyors will quickly appraise your property using the most up to date valuation tools and using our RICS industry knowledge. A good sell house fast company should be able to give you an indication of value for your property within 15 minutes if they are a qualified chartered surveyor.

Upon giving you our opinion on value, if you are happy with this our next stage would be to instruct an independent valuation, this is usually via Connells or Countrywide Chartered Surveyors. The surveying practice will then contact you directly to arrange a mutually beneficial date / time to inspect your property. It’s that simple!

Our panel of solicitors are ready and we have a whole team ready to deal with your sell house fast sale. You can be sure if you choose Quick Move to be your sell house fast company you will have a dedicated solicitor (of which we cover all of your fee’s) and we will complete on your sell house fast property sale in a timescale to suit you!!

Quick Move are here to help, we have dealt with sell house fast property sales that have completed within 7 days and also sell house fast property sales that have lasted 6 months due to the vendor wanting to secure a sale well in advance before they emigrated. Whatever the situation, Quick Move are here to help and we can assist you with your sell house fast sale today!!

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